The Public Housing Rental programme is provided under a contract with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As a registered Public Housing provider, QLCHT provides houses under its Public Housing Rental programme to those on HUD's national Public Housing register.


How it works

A qualifying household must first apply to Work and Income for Public Housing and be placed on its National Public Housing register if assessed as eligible. When a household on the National Public Housing Register is able to rent a home through QLCHT's Public Housing Rental Programme, HUD will subsidise the rent and set it to 25% of household income. 



To be eligible for Public Housing Rental applicants must meet the following basic criteria:

  • You must qualify for Public Housing through Work and Income and be on the National Public Housing Register.
  • The Queenstown Lakes District must be your permanent home.
  • The property must be used exclusively as the household’s primary residence and must not be vacated by the household for any more than four weeks over a 12 month period.


Download a summary of the Public Housing Rental programme


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