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September 20, 2020 at 6:57 PM



In order to be eligible for housing assistance through the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, your household must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have lived in the Queenstown Lakes District for a minimum of six months and have made this your permanent home.
  • At least one adult member of your household must have New Zealand Residency or New Zealand Citizenship.
  • At least one member of your family must be working full time.
  • You must not own, or have shares, in any property or land, anywhere in the world.
  • You must not own or be a beneficiary of a business or trust that has adequate income and/or assets that enable you to enter into home ownership independently.
  • Your total household income from all sources cannot exceed our income caps, as set out below:


  Maximum household income (per annum)
Number of people in your household Affordable Rental (and Senior Housing) Rent Saver Secure Home
1 $61,790 $75,446 $89,101
2 $69,060 $84,321 $99,583
3 $75,062 $92,310 $109,018
4 $81,418 $99,411 $117,404
5 $87,233 $106,511 $125,790


Once your eligibility is established, you will go immediately onto our waiting list. Should a housing opportunity arise, the housing programme you enter into will be based on your financial capacity at that time (your household income and deposit).





QLCHT receives the bulk of its funding by way of developers’ contributions, through the Inclusionary Zoning process. It also has received grants from Housing New Zealand and land from the local Council.


Once QLCHT has decided how best to develop the land, suitable and eligible households are then invited to submit their application under a specific housing programme, determined by QLCHT.


You can register your interest at any time to receive a phone call from QLCHT and have your eligibility for any of QLCHT's housing programmes assessed. 


Below are the various QLCHT housing programmes (please note that QLCHT will decide in it's sole discretion which housing programme to offer a household, based on economic factors).

Secure Home

Rent Saver

Affordable Rental

Senior Housing 



Below are links to other organisations who support or complement community housing.

SBS Bank - lender to assisted ownership households

Kainga Ora - Central Government supporter of QLCHT

Community Housing Aotearoa - a national body which provides leadership, services and advocates on behalf of the community housing sector

Queenstown Lakes District Council - original instigator and supporter of QLCHT