1.1 Policy on Applicant Eligibility Criteria for Affordable and Community Housing

1.2 Policy Adjustment on Income Eligibility Criteria

1.3 Senior Housing Eligibility Criteria

1.4 Affordable Rental Eligibility Criteria and Programme Parameters

1.5 Public Housing Rental Eligibility Criteria and Programme Parameters

3.1 Policy on Cost of Valuations, Property Inspections and LIM’s

3.2 Standards Terms & Conditions for Shared Ownership Approval

3.3 Improvements to the Property

3.4 Purchasing Existing Homes Guidelines

3.5 Requirements of a Builders Report & Valuation Report

3.6 Policy on Variations to SO Applicant Approvals

3.7 Body Corporate Pre-purchase Requirements

3.8 Shared Ownership Homeowners Renting out of Properties

3.9 Policy on Household Insurance Requirements

3.10 Ownership of a Property through a Family Trust

3.11 Policy on Staircasing Transactions

3.12 Policy on Sale to QLCHT & Associated “Transfer Fee"

3.13 Policy on QLCHT “Second Chancers”

4.3 Lifemark Accreditation in QLCHT Developments

5.1 Criteria for Selection of External Suppliers

5.2 Criteria for House Insurance Providers

9.3 Housing Management

9.4 Complaints Process

9.8 Health, Safety and Wellbeing

9.10 Privacy Policy

9.13 Rent Arrears

9.15 Allocation of QLCHT Properties