QLCHT receives land by way of local developers' contributions, through the Inclusionary Zoning process. 

Nestled in the Southern Alps, the Queenstown Lakes District is a stunning part of the country surrounded by snowcapped mountains, crystal clear lakes and gorgeous countryside.  As such, it's a desirable place to live with a steadily growing population and therefore is becoming increasingly expensive. 


The heartbeat of the Queenstown Lakes District are individuals and families who are committed and positively contributing to the area, and it's important that we do what we can to support those people in staying here. Providing affordable housing makes a big difference. 


How we keep affordable housing affordable, particularly in a rising housing market, is to develop houses that are slightly more compact on land sizes that are slightly more compact. The houses are well designed, well built, attractive and have all anyone needs. But keeping them slightly more compact means that the values should remain at the lower end of the market, making them more affordable.


You can register your interest at any time to receive a phone call from QLCHT, and have your eligibility for any of QLCHT's housing programmes assessed.


Follow the links below to find out more about the developments we've completed to date.

Nerin Square, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown

Suffolk Street, Arrowtown

Shotover Country, Queenstown

Riverside, Albert Town, Wanaka

Cherwell Lane, Shotover Country, Queenstown

Hikuwai, Wanaka

Toru, Queenstown

Alps View, Queenstown

Northlake, Wanaka

Longview, Hawea

Tewa Banks, Arrowtown